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Apartments with Roommate Matching | Tuscaloosa, AL

Roommate Matching

Once you find your Tuscaloosa apartment, now it is time to find the prefect roommate! Many college students have friends or family members that they choose to live with, but what about the students who cannot afford to live on their own right away or do not know they have anyone to room with? The University of Alabama has many students seeking a roommate(s) to live with. You may be new in town and unfamiliar with the area and may be asking, "where do I start?" Luckily, Bama has numerous apartments with roommate matching in Tuscaloosa.

First, Search Apartments with Roommate Matching Near UA

When searching for your apartment, you want to look up roommate matching near UA. By filtering your search on, you can only view apartments that offer roommate matching. Decide how many people you will want to live with, and what location is best for you. Most UA off-campus housing requires new residents to fill out an application. Once you apply and fill out your application, there is a section where the resident must fill out a questionnaire. Some of these questions would ask for information on you as a person, your major, if you are a night owl or a morning person, your study habits, and what you look for in a roommate

Benefits of Roommate Matching 

As stated before, roommate matching can benefit you financially as a full-time college student. You will be able to split the living expenses like electricity, cable and water. Some apartments with individual leasesmake it where you will not be affected by the other person if they do not make payments on time. Roommate matching is also a great a way to meet new people and develop lifetime friendships. When matching with a roommate in Bama, you would most likely be matched with someone that attends Bama as well. Once you are assigned your apartment, you will be able to see who you matched with and will receive their contact information. You might even match with someone who is in the same field of study or taking the same courses. 

The Reality of Roommate Matching in Tuscaloosa

Let us be real: you will be living with a stranger. Sharing an apartment with someone you do not know will require a lot of communication and adjustment. Even in the best experiences, conflicts are unavoidable. Amenities like private bathrooms can make things a bit smoother, but there will likely be some conflict regardless. If you do not answer the questionnaire honestly, you could be paired with someone that is not right for you and it can cause serious issues. It is important that you answer your roommate matching section in your application truthfully to be paired with the best person and have the best roommate experience. 

Additional Tips

One you are assigned your apartment and you receive your roommate's contact information, reach out to them to break the ice. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to set some rules. If you live with more than one person, make a group chat. This will make it easier and less awkward when you finally meet your new roommate(s). 

Overall, whether you are living on campus or off campus, you will experience roommate matching at UA. Be sure to do your research on apartments with roommate matching and set your expectations on what you need when sharing your new home. 

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