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    Off Campus Housing near UA | Near University of Alabama

    Off campus housing near The University of Alabama is the perfect place to discover your independence and experience the best that college has to offer, as you ace your classes, balance a healthy social life, and get involved with clubs and organizations at UA. Kicking off your search for off campus apartments near The University of Alabama is now easier than ever, because our ApartmentsForLegends team does the hard work for you!

    Add filters to your search for your budget, preferred number of bedrooms, and student-friendly features like furnished apartments, roommate matching, and amenities like on-site fitness centers and pools. Check out the map so you can get an idea of the best route to your morning classes and choose the off-campus location that best fits your lifestyle at the University of Alabama. Search with confidence, knowing that our team works tirelessly to be sure off campus housing listings are always up to date with the latest pricing, photography, specials and details. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to your favorite off campus housing options, call or click to connect with the leasing team to schedule a tour and secure your spot.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s get you started on your search for the best off campus housing near The University of Alabama. Here are some things you should consider as you start your search:

    Budgeting for Off Campus Housing

    Have you set a monthly budget for your off campus housing? You’ll want to consider any scholarships and financial aid received from UA, as well as funds provided from your family to help cover living expenses. Will you realistically be able to work a part-time job during your time at UA, or would it be better to stay focused on classes, internships, and involvement on campus? One of the best ways to save money on rent is by choosing larger floor plans that are shared with roommates such as 4 bedroom apartments near UA campus.

    Keep in mind that many of the Tuscaloosa student housing options include extras like furniture, internet, water, and electricity in the monthly rental rate, but not all of them do! Some options are even all inclusive with the extras bundled into 1 easy monthly payment. Pay close attention to what is included, so that you can be sure your total monthly budget is in line with your favorite bama housing options.

    Choosing the Best Off Campus Floor Plans

    We have good news, floor plans for UA off campus housing are way better than on campus options. Much of the student housing in Tuscaloosa was purposefully developed to be a good fit for college kids, offering floor plans with shared common areas and private bedroom suites, oftentimes with walk-in closets and private bathrooms. In general, you should expect to share the common area (kitchen, living room, laundry, and balcony) with your roommates, with a private bedroom for each resident, as double occupancy bedrooms are uncommon in off campus housing.

    What about roommates?

    The next thing to consider is how many roommates you want to share your common spaces with. In general, monthly rent will be cheaper in larger floor plans than in smaller floor plans like 1 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms near UA. Sharing larger floor plans with a few roommates is one of the best ways to build life-long friendships and feel a sense of community and family during your time at The University of Alabama, but it does come with obvious trade-offs like lack of privacy and potential conflict. Consider these pros and cons carefully before choosing the best UA off campus housing to fit your lifestyle. Most off campus housing options offer roommate matching, so you don't have to worry so much about finding roommates ahead of signing a lease. 

    Proximity to The University of Alabama Campus

    Your apartment location will determine whether you are a walker, bike rider, bus rider, or car commuter to UA campus. Tuscaloosa has many off campus apartment options within walking distance to UA campus, but often there is a trade-off between location and apartment size or budget. Most options for UA housing that is farther from campus have private shuttles or are on a direct bus route to UA. Be sure to consider things like your frequent hang out spots (like these apartments near The Strip) or favorite restaurants when choosing which neighborhood to live in, because having conveniences close by is key to living your ideal student lifestyle.  

    Amenities in Off Campus Housing

    Once you have narrowed down your search for the best Alabama off campus housing, a good next step is to compare amenities at each community based on what is important to you. Are you a library studier who needs a quiet space to catch up on required reading? You’ll want to look into off campus options that offer private study rooms. Are you a fitness junkie? An on-site fitness center can offer a respite from busy on-campus fitness facilities. Focus on amenities that are important to you that you know you will actually use, don’t get caught up in things like resort-style pools or huge clubhouse hangout areas if you won’t realistically utilize these spaces. ApartmentsForLegends search filters allow you to narrow down your off campus housing search to focus on the amenities that matter the most to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Freshmen required to live on campus at The University of Alabama?

    Yes! First year students at UA are required to live on campus for at least one semester, depending on enrollment date. Students who enroll in the summer semester are required to live on campus for summer, fall, and spring semesters. Students who enroll for the Fall semester are required to live on campus for fall and spring semesters. Students who enroll for spring are required to live on campus for the spring semester. After the required on-campus living period has expired, students may choose to remain on campus or pursue UA off-campus housing.

    What's the best off-campus housing for University of Alabama students?

    The best UA off-campus housing is typically a student apartment complex close to Bama's campus. Most students like to be able to walk to class or have short Uber ride to The Strip. Living in off-campus housing means that your apartment is designed for college students. You'll have access to luxury amenities, private study rooms, package lockers, and more. What is "best" will be up to your preferred lifestyle. If you're looking to make friends and have balance of social/studies, then living in a mile radius from campus is the way to go. If you're looking to grind as a graduate student, then a quieter apartment that runs on the Crimson Ride to campus is ideal.  

    How much does off-campus housing near the University of Alabama cost?

    University of Alabama off-campus housing will typically cost between $600-900 per bedroom. This price will vary depending on the location you choose, how many roommates you have, and the amenities offered to residents. If you are looking to live near campus in a modern one bedroom, you will likely be paying over $900 in rent. But, if you're on a budget and live with four roommates in an apartment further from Bama, then you can easily be closer to $600/month.

    How can I find roommates for UA off campus housing?

    Most off campus housing options provide roommate matching programs, where you will fill out a questionnaire describing your personal habits for things like quiet hours, studying, partying, cleanliness, and values. You'll then be matched with students who answered the questions similarly. You also may have met friends in on-campus housing, classes, or on campus organizations who you want to live with, in which case you will want to make sure that you list preferred roommates on your housing application.

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