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    Apartments with Patios or Balconies | Tuscaloosa, AL

    Patios or Balconies

    Freshman dorms at the University of Alabama can start to feel small after a year of living. Transitioning to UA off-campus housingmeans that students have more freedom to decide on floor plans and other features that will make their apartment unique to others. One feature that many students enjoy is an apartment with a patio or balcony near UA. Because windows do not open and freshman dorms do not offer this feature, it can be very exciting for it to be an offer when looking for a new apartment.

    Benefits of Apartments with Patios and Balconies

    Alabama can have wonderful weather for a large portion of the year. Many people love to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, feel the breeze on a cloudy day, or enjoy the sounds of light rain. Having a personal patio or balcony is a great feature to enjoy whichever type of weather you might enjoy. Having an apartment with balcony near UA is also beneficial for individuals with pets. The extra outdoor space allows for animals to have more room to play and enjoy the outdoors. Having a little bit more room is also great for entertaining guests. If you are the type of person who enjoys socializing and hosting friends, having that outdoor space in your Tuscaloosa apartment is a great add-on to fit more friends.

    Decorating your Balcony or Patio

    Choosing to move into an apartment with a patio near UA opens up a whole new variety of decorating options. Many students with patios and balconies look for outdoor furniture, plants, and other decorations that can withstand weather. It is important to remember to decorate to withstand weather specifically, because it can be very easy for wall hangings, pillows, and blankets to get ruined by inclement weather. Because it rains in Tuscaloosa so often, look for items that are water-resistant. Online stores like Amazon offer several options that can be cute, colorful, or personalized and will last a long time.

    Choosing the Right Floor Plan for a Patio or Balcony

    Once the decision is made to choose an apartment with a patio or balcony in Tuscaloosa, the next step is to choose the best floorplan for your needs. Some apartments have patios on only certain floors or areas of the building, so it is important to ensure that you double check which rooms with have what you are looking for. If you are living with roommates in a Tuscaloosa three bedroom apartment or four bedroom apartment, the patio may be more accessible to certain bedrooms. It can also change depending on which floor you decide to live on. First floor apartments often feature a small fenced-in area as a patio, and upper floor apartments feature screened-in patios or balconies with roofs. Any of these decisions can be exciting, and an apartment with a patio or balcony in Tuscaloosa is a great choice.

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