Three Bedroom Apartments| Tuscaloosa, AL

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Three Bedroom Apartments| Tuscaloosa, AL

3 Bedroom

When starting your search for off-campus housing, you may want to consider looking at 3 bedroom apartments near the University of Alabama. These apartments are very popular on campus for having a wide range of amenities, while being low in price. Three bedrooms are a great option when you want to live with roommates but still have your own personal space. This way, you will have a larger floor plan, plus your own bedroom and bathroom. 

Living with Roommates in Three Bedroom Apartments

Living with roommates can be an exciting aspect of college, but there are a few things you should discuss with them to ensure you have an enjoyable time living together. Whether you know your roommates beforehand or are just meeting them for the first time, setting boundaries early on is beneficial for many reasons. You want to feel at home in your apartment, and miscommunication may easily escalate into tension and drama if not handled properly. Below are some topics that would be beneficial to discuss prior to moving into a three bedroom apartment near the University of Alabama:


A cleaning schedule split among roommates would be a good idea to ensure that everyone knows what they are responsible for. This schedule could be used for dishes, trash, and clean-up in the common area.


It is typical to have friends over when living in an apartment, but you should always make sure your roommates are aware of any plans ahead of time. Notifying your roommates about having visitors over is common courtesy and makes for a comfortable living environment when you respect each other.


Although it may be beneficial to find roommates who have similar schedules and lifestyles as you, it is not necessary as long as you have a conversation about noise levels in your UA apartment. Talking about your sleep schedules, unusual work hours, and weekday plans can help prevent loud noises from bothering other roommates late at night.

How to Make the Most of Three Bedroom Apartments in Tuscaloosa

Living with roommates can not only be fun but also beneficial when living in an apartment. You have the ability to share things like groceries or even split the expense of home decor to save money while being a student. You can also make use of the communal spaces to spend time together doing things like movie and game nights and roommate dinners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities do 3 bedroom apartments in Tuscaloosa, AL, have?

Apartments in Tuscaloosa, AL, are filled with amenities for students including fitness centers, swimming pools, study rooms, and grilling areas. Inside your 3 bedroom apartment you can also find fully furnished units, balconies, in-home washer and dryers, and kitchen appliances.

Where can I find a 3 bedroom apartment near Bama?

When looking for 3 bedroom apartments near Bama, ApartmentsForLegends is a great place to start. Here, you can select the amount of bedroom you would like and be able to see all the available options on campus. Then you will be able to narrow down the results by selecting other filters including distance to the UA campus, pet friendly apartments, and price point.

How many bathrooms are included in 3 bedroom apartments at UA?

The typical floor plan layout for this type of apartment at UA is 3 bedroom/3 bath, where each bedroom has a dedicated bath. These bathrooms will usually be attached to their corresponding bedroom but they may occasionally be down the hall.

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