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Apartments with Individual Leases | Tuscaloosa, AL

Individual Leases

As you transition into off-campus housing as a University of Alabama student, there are many things to consider. One major thing that you should know before choosing your new home is whether you want to sign an individual lease. When moving in with roommates, figuring out how to and with whom to sign a lease can be an intimidating task. Signing individually means that you will have your own bedroom but share common spaces like the kitchen, living room, and any other spaces. The following are the benefits of signing at an apartment with an individual lease.

3 Benefits of Apartments with Individual Leases in Tuscaloosa: No roommate stress.

One of the most common stresses for students moving into a new apartment is deciding who to live with. Choosing a roommate can be daunting; with the choice to live with close friends or try to meet new people, and there are always friends who you love but would be difficult to get along with in close quarters. There are also many individuals who are new to Tuscaloosa, and looking for a roommate is not always a priority.  Services like roommate matching may help finding a new roommate. When signing an individual lease, options become less permanent. Roommate switching is a common activity for people new to apartments with individual leases near UA. In the case that living with one or more of your roommates does not work out, signing an individual lease means that you have more freedom to change rooms or roommates.


Another benefit of signing at apartments with individual leases in Tuscaloosa is rent. There are plenty of stories about roommates who do not pay their rent on time, and this can be a scary thought for students and parents new to apartment living. Signing an individual lease eliminates this stress, because you are responsible for your monthly rent only, and your roommates' payment has no impact on your own. It is important to remember here that while rent is separate for individual leases, this is not always the case for utilities. When you have to pay utilities separately through the companies themselves in apartments that aren't all-inclusive, like water, gas, heat, or electricity, you or one of your roommates will be expected to send the full payment monthly on behalf of all of the individuals living in that apartment. Some Tuscaloosa apartments include these bills in the rent, while others do not, so keep this in mind while searching for your new apartment.


The ability to sublet is another benefit of signing an individual lease. Oftentimes, students will leave for a semester, or a portion of a semester for experiences like study abroad or a co-op. This requires students to be in different cities, states, and countries for extended periods of time. With an individual lease, you have more freedom to allow someone to rent your room for that time period, in order to not spend too much money on rent for a place you are not currently living. Students sublet their bedrooms quite frequently, and this can be done with ease in an apartment with an individual lease.

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