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All-Inclusive Apartments | Tuscaloosa, AL


The last thing you want to think about as a busy college student is making sure you're paying all of your bills. An all-inclusive apartment near the University of Alabama is the perfect solution for that as all of your bills we be included in your monthly rent bill. This bill would cover expenses such as rent, power, water, cable, and garbage, doing all of the work for you. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to pay a payment, and it also relieves you of the burden of dividing these bills among your roommates. Each apartment complex will have its own guidelines for what your rent bill will include, so make sure to do your research and carefully read the joint or individual lease before signing.

Apartments with utilities included

All-inclusive off-campus housing near UA almost always has utilities included which is a huge hit among students. People may not realize just how much utilities can cost per month until you start living on your own. Prices, in Tuscaloosa specifically, can skyrocket during the spring and summer months as the temperate outside rises, making you turn the thermostats lower and lower. There is no need to suffer in unusually hot or freezing apartment temperatures when your utilities are included, allowing you to change your thermostat whenever and however you choose.

Apartments with electricity included

An electric bill is the last thing you'd want to forget about paying, but thankfully UA's all-inclusive apartments take care of it for you. As a student you will need all the electricity you can get, whether that is leaving your lights on to pull an all-nighter studying or using your TV to host a movie marathon with all of your roommates. Another advantage of all-inclusive apartments in Tuscaloosa is that maintenance will be able to assist you as quickly as possible if there are ever any electrical issues. This way, you won't have to worry about Wi-Fi outages while doing homework or taking a test because these issues will be resolved almost instantly.

Apartments with furniture included

Furnished apartments is the most common amenity you will find in an all-inclusive apartment in Tuscaloosa. This severely lightens the burden of moving into a new space as it will not only make the move-in process easier but also less expensive. In your furnished apartment, you can expect to find kitchen and common area furniture such as a coffee table, couch, bar stools, and a TV. In your bedroom, you can expect to find a bed frame with a mattress, a nightstand, a dresser, and a desk with a desk chair. This also alleviates the stress of having to buy and split large pieces of furniture for a four bedroom apartment with your roommates.

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