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One Bedroom Apartments| Tuscaloosa, AL

1 Bedroom

If you're looking for a place to live at UA, but are not sure what route to take, consider a one-bedroom apartment in Tuscaloosa. There is a plethora of options to search for the best apartment to call your own. Students and individuals who seek independence and freedom (especially after leaving dorm life their freshman year) should take a look at cozy one-bedroom options to find the perfect place to live.

Perks of One Bedroom Rentals Near UA

You'll find that students who live alone have nothing but good things to say about it. From getting to choose what to watch on television, to not having to share groceries, to being able to do homework in silence or in any spot in your off-campus housing residence. Without the distractions or considerations of having a roommate, you are free to do as you please on a daily basis. Whether you like to keep your space perfectly clean, or don't mind a little mess, you are free to keep your home the way you like it. It is also important to remember that things like chores and tidying up fall to you as the sole person living in your apartment. You have the freedom to take out the trash (or not) and do the dishes at any point. Students who enjoy independence love this aspect because they do not have to worry about sharing responsibilities with a roommate or heckling their roommate to do the chores on a shared basis.

Another perk to living in a 1-bedroom apartment near Bama is the ability to have visitors. Whether you have a sibling, partner, friend, or parent that wants to come into town to spend time with you while you're at school, they can always have a place to stay. Inviting them to stay in your apartment is hassle-free, because there are no roommates with whom your visitor would have to share space, and it would be far more comfortable for you and your guest to move about a one-bedroom apartment freely. Because the UA campus is so popular and has so many things to do, friends from home and other guests will want to visit frequently. It can be great to spend time together one-on-one at your home in between activities and nights out, especially if your apartment is near downtown Tuscaloosa.

One Bedroom Rental Rates near UA

When looking for the ideal one-bedroom apartment near Bama, it is important to remember a few things about cost. Rent itself will likely be slightly more expensive than if it was split between roommates, and there are utility costs that would fall to you as the sole person living in the apartment. This means that rather than splitting the bills for heat, gas, water, and electricity, you would be paying the full total. As a single person in an apartment, you will use less utilities than multiple people would, but the difference is not so significant that the payments would be half or less. This is an important thing to keep in mind as well if you end up moving into a 1-bedroom apartment in Tuscaloosa, because you will have to be conscious of the way that you use the utilities in your home. Consider all-inclusive apartments that include utilities if you want a clearer idea of what your monthly costs will be.

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