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      Find Apartments Under $700 per Month | Tuscaloosa, AL

      Under $700/month

      There are plenty of reasons to consider apartments under $700 per month in Tuscaloosa. Whether you're on a budget or prefer to spend your money elsewhere, there are still plenty of options to choose from in your search for off-campus housing at The University of Alabama. That being said, the price point tends to come with some limitations. Armed with some information on what to look out for, you'll be able to find a UA apartment community that meets your needs and fits your budget.

      Where to look for apartments under $700 per month in Tuscaloosa

      Looking for more affordable housing around T-Town will limit your apartment options to an extent. However, just about every part of town is still on the table. The Strip tends to contain more expensive housing due to proximity to campus and downtown, as well as the fact that many apartments in the area are newer. While some apartments under $700 per month near The Strip exist, they are older builds, so keep that in mind. South of The Strip, price decreases alongside proximity to The University of Alabama. Apartments in this part of town strike a balance between good location and age to keep the price down and the quality up. As for apartment communities east of campus, they tend to be more modern, but are also the furthest from campus. Rent is much lower because of this distance. It's a good idea to get a rundown on Tuscaloosa neighborhoods so that you can focus on whichever part of town best suits you. 

      Floor plans

      In your search for apartments under $700 per month near Bama, you'll likely notice that rent decreases as you add more roommates. A key to ensuring that apartments fit within your budget is narrowing your search to floor plans with 3 or 4 bedrooms. That specification opens the door to living spaces closer to campus especially. If you prefer to have fewer roommates, then you will find cheap apartments within your price range east of campus and south of University Boulevard. Even though you'll have a longer trip to class, rent will be lower than anywhere else in town.

      Other costs to watch out for

      Rent is the advertised cost of living for an apartment. But don't assume that this is the actual monthly cost of staying there. Outside of rent, apartment communities can tack on extra fees for things like utilities, renters insurance, keeping pets, and much more. Anyone looking for a UA apartment under $700 per month that's on a strict budget should absolutely take note of any of these types of policies. Many communities detail them on their website, and rent that is described as all-inclusive often accounts for these additional expenses. Asking friends that are familiar with an apartment can give you an idea of what the real cost of living might be as well.

      As long as you're intentional in your housing search, finding apartments under $700 per month near Bama is possible. Remember that quality will vary depending on how close a complex is to campus and keep an eye out for extra costs associated with your future living situation. With some research you can find an apartment that suits you without breaking your budget!

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