C&IS | Reese Phifer Hall at the University of Alabama

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C&IS | Reese Phifer Hall at the University of Alabama

College of Communication and Information Sciences

The College of Communication and Information Sciences (C&IS) is a prominent Bama academic institution that focuses on preparing students for careers in the communication and information industries. Located at the University of Alabama, C&IS is one of the largest communication schools in the United States and offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. This year, C&IS hosted a birthday party celebrating its "golden year" of 50 years in Reese Phifer. C&IS over the years has made its name and is popular due to its academic programs, student engagement and its location. Looking for a Tuscaloosa apartment near the College of Communication and Information Sciences at UA can give you great access to campus, and other popular areas.

College of Communication and Information Sciences

The college offers five academic departments: Advertising and Public Relations, Communication Studies, Creative Media, and News Media. The Advertising and Public Relations department focuses on preparing students for careers in advertising, public relations, and related industries. Students can choose from several degree programs, including a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations, a Master of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations and many more! Each department offers a range of programs that provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their desired field.

Tuscaloosa Apartments Near Reese Phifer

Even if you are not majoring in communications, finding an apartment near Reese Phifer gives you quick access to campus and other popular landmarks. Reese Phifer is right by Bryant Denny Stadium, Sorority Row, and a less than 5-minute walk from The Strip. Students who are pursuing or considering a communications degree at Bama might want to find an apartment near Reese Phifer. Due to the location, there is not any off-campus UA housing right next to Reese Phifer, but there are Tuscaloosa apartments near Reese Phifer with various amenities and layouts for students wanting to live with friends or by themselves.

Perks of Living Near Reese Phifer

Depending on your budget and how close you want to live by campus, most of the Tuscaloosa apartments near C&IS can be more expensive and are considered luxury apartments since the building is right next to Bryant Denny Stadium and The Strip. However, these apartments come with exclusive amenities and features, and the location is the most desirable for students. These apartments are just walking distance to the bars and restaurants that students love to go to! Living in an apartment near the College of Communication and Information Sciences makes it easier to get to campus, especially for students who do not have their own source of transportation. Many complexes provide UA's bus transportation services and students who live right on The Strip tend to walk or bike to campus.

If you are undecided or considering switching your major or minor and you are interested in the communication fields, C&IS is a great college that has made its mark across the Nation. If you are looking for a Tuscaloosa apartment, consider looking for the different options near Reese Phifer due to its location by campus and the benefits renters can get living in the area.

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