Apartments for International Students Near The University of Alabama

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Apartments for International Students Near The University of Alabama

International Students

Coming from abroad to attend the University of Alabama, you may consider looking for apartments for international students in Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama is not only known for its athletic programs and academic programs: additionally, the university  attracts students from all over the world providing an international community with clubs and programs. UA offers 26 organizations and many resources for international students. As an international student, moving across the world to an unfamiliar environment can be stressful and nerve-racking. Many international students cannot go home for every holiday or break because it can be a lot financially. As an international student, you might be looking for off-campus housingduring your time at Bama. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for UA apartments for international students in Tuscaloosa. 

How To Find Housing 

Whether it is their first year at the University of Alabama or fifth year, many students decide they want to live off campus. This could be difficult for international students as they continue to learn about Bama and Tuscaloosa. Finding apartments for international students near UA is easy once you do these simple steps: do your research on the city of Tuscaloosa. Here is a map of Tuscaloosa and lists of apartments for UA international students. Explore the ApartmentsForLegends website and learn more about each apartment and what amenities they offer. Furnished apartments would be the best option for international students. This helps students financially and makes moving easier. If you are interested in living long-term or short-term, you will be able to find an apartment as a UA international student.

Prepare Your Documents 

Whether you are renting or buying an apartment, you must provide the proper documentation. Property and apartment owners would want you to provide a credit report, tax returns from your country, pay stubs, student identification, proof admission letter and passport. Prepare with relatives and make sure you have all your documentation accessible and in a safe place. International students might not have credit when looking for an apartment, so having a parent, guardian or a third-party be your guarantor can help you out. The guarantor must meet specific requirements to sign your lease. 

Consider Transportation and Location

Most international students do not have vehicles of their own so finding apartments near UA campus where students can walk or finding apartments that provide bus transportation is a must have. The popular apartments right on campus by the stadium are perfect for walking to campus but because of the location some apartments are a bit pricey. However, there are affordable apartments close to campus that provide transportation.

Pros and Cons Living Off Campus

Living off campus can give you a sense of independence and freedom. You will have your own space or more space than you did in the dorms. International students can explore what Tuscaloosa has to offer and experience Ttown culture! Living off campus is exciting and is a new step into adulthood, but there are cons. The reality for most international students is that it can be financially difficult to live on your own right away in a new country while being a full-time student. Having roommates is the best option for international students. 

Whether living in Tuscaloosa for a brief time or a long time, anyone can find a home close to UA. International students will be able to find a home with everything they need to be successful at the Capstone. 

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