What are good date spots in Tuscaloosa?

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Have a night out from your Canterbury apartment and take your significant other to one of many Tuscaloosa date spots

You've done it- you asked out the cute guy or girl from class, got a yes, and set a date. Now you're trying to figure out how to impress them and show them a good time. Or maybe you've gone out a couple of times now and are looking to branch out beyond your go-to spots. Lucky for you, there's plenty of potential for great dates in Tuscaloosa that get you out of your UA apartment and into town for a special night.

First dates in Tuscaloosadate spots tuscaloosa

It might seem like the hard part is over once you've secured a date, but it can be equally nerve-racking figuring out what to do next. Keeping things simple is a great way to take some of the edge off. Try grabbing coffee at any of the Druid City's best coffee shops so you two can spend some time getting to know each other. Another solid option to keep conversation alive while stoking competitive spirit is bowling at Bowlero. Everybody loves a little playful trash talk, after all. If you've known someone for a while and are looking to take the next step in your relationship, try dinner at a popular (and nicer) restaurant like Central Mesa or Bistro 17. Not too formal, but sure to impress. Hopefully your first date goes to plan, and there are more in your future. 

Outdoor adventures

After exploring some of the restaurants, cafés, and activities that downtown Tuscaloosa has to offer, it might be time to take the romance to the great outdoors. You don't even have to go too far to find natural beauty. Spend a Saturday morning enjoying the River District and its restaurants, river oaks, and farmers market. Marr's Spring on the University of Alabama campus is a tranquil pond on the side of a hill. Massive trees, a picturesque bridge, and incredible picnic potential make this an ideal spot to bring a date if campus isn't too crowded. Lake Nicol offers a similar outdoor scene, but with more activities available. From hiking to swimming to paddle boarding, outdoorsy couples have countless activities to choose from while enjoying incredible natural scenery.

Special occasions

Now that you've gone on quite a few dates and are starting to get into anniversary territory, it's time to up the ante now and then. Upscale culinary staples like Chuck's Fish and River are on the table, but it doesn't have to be all about food. Consider a short trip to explore a distant town or to support the Tide on the road at a sporting event. If you've got a country music fan on your hands, see which artists are passing through Birmingham on tour. Whether you like to keep it close to home or make it all about the journey, there's plenty to experience with your significant other.

Bama gets a bad rap sometimes for seemingly being all about bars and sports. Though it might take some creativity, there's so much more to experience while you're dating in Tuscaloosa. As you're meeting your crush for coffee, exploring the city together, or even preparing a special meal for date night in your off-campus apartment, there's plenty of opportunities to get to know the Druid City while learning about your special someone.

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