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Digital Marketing Intern

Jack Gerus

Jack Gerus is a senior at The University of Alabama, studying biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. Though he began school with the intention of becoming a doctor, Jack has now shifted his focus to the business world. He will be pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree at Bama in hopes of one day owning his own business. Part of what encouraged this change in interests was his involvement in his fraternity, Theta Xi, which he helped re-establish on campus after a 40-year hiatus. After reviving the fraternity's operations and serving as treasurer, Jack became adept at managing the financial health of an organization. He later stepped down to pass leadership to the next generation of members and to pursue new opportunities that might present themselves. Despite changing interests and priorities, Jack has kept an interest in the sciences. Outside of the fraternity, Jack presided over the university's genetic engineering club, leading a team of its members in a synthetic biology project. Both activities have helped him to develop a wide range of skills and meet an enormous amount of interesting people.

Although Bama is a long way from his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, the pull of warm weather and an unparalleled football program was unbeatable. Moving 500 miles from home meant making a whole new set of friends, learning a new area, and stepping out of his comfort zone. Now, he couldn't imagine living anywhere else and even gets a bit shocked at the sight of snow. As a long-time fitness enthusiast, Jack hits the gym with friends as often as he can and is thankful for the fitness center in his apartment complex. Outside of working out (and class, of course), he loves to try his hand at making new recipes, to hike through the forests around Lake Nicol, and to read the books lining the shelves of his apartment.

We're glad to have you on the team Jack, welcome!