What Can I Except on Gamedays at UA?

Going to a football game at the University of Alabama is a pivotal experience that all students must experience at least once during their college careers. However, planning the day and figuring out what to do, where to be, and what to wear can be overwhelming for first-time attendants. There are plenty of details to go into having a successful and fun gameday, especially with the crowds, locations, and important things to bring (or not bring) with you. Here are a few tips to help you and your friends enjoy memorable gamedays at UA.


First, it is important to have an idea of your schedule for the day. Many people plan to be out and about early in the day, in order to soak up all of the gameday vibes. Emails and posts will be made about who the team will be playing and what time the game will start. For die-hard fans, plan to be awake and ready for the day about 4 hours before kickoff. This will allow you to head to your favorite bar, grab a drink, get something to eat, and head to the quad to tailgate. Then, students and other attendants usually start heading into the stadium as early as two hours before kickoff. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of other people on and around campus as well, so if you are staying in off-campus housing, or if you need to walk from your UA apartment toward the stadium, give yourself enough time to get there (no one wants to stress about being late on a fun Saturday).


There are plenty of things to do on a fall Saturday in Tuscaloosa. The restaurants and bars near campus always have gameday deals, including mimosa buckets, discount wings, and other tasty and fun offers. Popular gameday spots are Gallette's, Rama Jama's, and Houndstooth. Many students and alumni will head to the Strip and check out the crowds to decide where they would like to spend some time before they head to the Quad. Tailgating is the most popular activity to do before kickoff, as there are hundreds of people on the Quad with tents that offer free drinks, food, and lots of fun. Fraternities, campus organizations, and families all have tents for people to come and spend some time together before kickoff. It is a must to head to the Quad before going to the football game.

Going to the Stadium

Next, its about two hours before kickoff. A pilgrimage to Bryant-Denny Stadium begins, and you follow the crowds to the entrances. You will usually be able to get a seat regardless of how early you enter the stadium, but seats fill up quickly, especially for big games like Tennessee and LSU. Have an idea of what entrance you will need to use, and make sure you have your phone ready to scan your tickets when you enter the stadium. Once you and your friends have found seats, you can head to the restroom or concessions to grab a Denny Dog or a seltzer. The game will be exciting, and the student section will be lively, so make sure you stay hydrated!

What Next?

After the halftime performance and all of the fourth quarter songs and chants (and Bama winning, obviously) it is finally time to head to the exits. Many people elect to continue the fun from the day by heading to a bar or a restaurant to celebrate the team's win and hang out with their friends. Make sure to grab some food and water to stay healthy and hydrated and have a great night! Roll Tide!

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