University of Alabama Student Guide

Moving from home to Bama can be overwhelming, no doubt. That’s why we have a collection of tips and resources to help first- and second-year University of Alabama students make their experience here legendary! By students and for students, the UA student guide touches on excelling in your studies, having a great night out on The Strip, and much more. Trying to find a Tuscaloosa apartment to make your Bama experience all that it can be? There’s plenty on that too. We hope that this guide will help you settle in and make the most of your time at UA in addition to succeeding in your academics. Roll Tide!

Your UA Apartment Search

Apartment hunting in Tuscaloosa is a lot less stressful and a lot more exciting when you have some knowledge going in. From common questions to finding the perfect community, we have you covered.

UA apartment search

Find Off-Campus Housing near the University of Alabama

There’s plenty of options for off-campus apartments in Tuscaloosa. Narrow the search by price, location, and the features you’re looking for!

Alabama apartment by the bed

By the Bed vs By the Apartment

“By the bed” and “by the apartment” are the two most common kinds of lease. Get an idea of what these two different types of leases are all about and which one is better for you.

Best time to sign a lease Bama

Best Time To Sign A Lease

When starting your apartment search, getting the timing right is everything. It’s important to be prepared and to have your questions answered before coming to the deadline for signing a lease at Bama.

UGA Saftey Features

Safety Features To Look For

Safety is super important when living in a UA off campus apartment. Here are some of the most common safety features in Athens’s apartment communities. 

off vs on campus university of alabama

The On Campus vs Off Campus Debate

Deciding on whether to live on or off campus is a difficult decision and depends mostly on your lifestyle. Learn about the pros and cons of both to help inform your decision. 

off vs on campus university of alabama

What Neighborhood Should I Live In?

Coming from living in a University of Alabama dorm, you may be unsure of where to live in Tuscaloosa. Check out what each neighborhood is like and make an informed decision of which is right for you.

Moving Into Your Tuscaloosa Apartment

It’s time to take the next step in preparing your new home in Tuscaloosa- actually moving in. Getting ready for apartment life can be overwhelming for anyone. Check out some of the advice below on how to make your Bama apartment a home away from home and make move-in day a breeze!

UA first time renters

Tips for First-Time Renters

When you’re responsible for your living situation, there’s a few things you should know before moving in. Once you’re moved in, it’s a good idea to be familiar with how to pay rent, call maintenance, and more.

storage unit near UA

Getting a Storage Unit in Tuscaloosa

Moving out for the summer? Here’s a guide on how to keep your décor secure in Tuscaloosa until you’re ready to start a new semester in a new home!

Cooking for yourself UA apartment

Cooking For Yourself in UA Apartments

Once you’ve moved into your Tuscaloosa apartment, it’s time to start thinking about food. It can be a bit of a challenge learning how to cook for yourself, but it’s worth the effort. Get ready to hit the grocery store and stock up!

qualify for ua apartment

Renter-Friendly Hacks for Tuscaloosa Apartments

When renting your first apartment in Tuscaloosa, AL, there's plenty of things you won't know. Learn about decorating as a renter, updating your shower head, and making the place your own!

Pet ownership in college

Bama Apartment Living With a Dog

Bringing a furry friend to Bama can make your apartment feel even more like home. With academics and extracurriculars competing for your time, it’s important to balance your responsibilities. Learn how to stay within community expectations and keep your companion comfortable.

Life As a Bama Student

Once you’re moved in, it’s time to make Tuscaloosa truly feel like home. From getting around to getting involved, there’s plenty to learn about Bama, its culture, and what you can do to make your experience here legendary.

UA transportation guide

University of Alabama Transportation Guide

There’s plenty of inexpensive or free options for getting from point A to point B whenever you need to, whether on the UA campus or around town. For those with and without cars, this guide has what you need to stay on the move.

how to study at UA

How to Study in College

High school may have been a breeze, but college is a different animal academically. Here are some tips to stay on top of your work and succeed when classes are in full swing at The University of Alabama.

Making friends and getting involved

Making Friends & Getting Involved

It’s important to build a group of friends at Bama. One of the best ways to be social is get involved in UA clubs and organizations outside of class. You can find countless opportunities within these extracurriculars as well!

School tradition UA

School Traditions

If students here take pride in one thing, it’s the culture of The University of Alabama. Take some time to brush up on Bama history and traditions and get ready to show your school spirit!

Things to do in Tuscaloosa

What Bama Students Do For Fun

It’s important to work hard, but playing hard has its time and place too. Sports, shopping, and nightlife are all key parts of what make Tuscaloosa all the rage. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on having a good time!

Getting to Know Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa is more than just the home of Bama, and game day is only a part of what the city has to offer. It’s worth seeing the Druid City’s nightlife, nature, and more. Take some time to see what’s in store!

parents weekend university of alabama

Where to Get Bama Game Day Apparel

When football Saturday rolls around, make sure you’ve got what you need. Dressing for game day can seem intimidating, but the favorite apparel stores of Bama students will have you covered.

parents weekend university of alabama

Jobs for Students in Tuscaloosa

Managing your finances away from home is a steep learning curve. For students looking to earn some money, there are plenty of opportunities to find work on Bama’s campus or in town!

parents weekend university of alabama

UA Parents Weekend

Whether your family visits every other week or just calls you on weekends, parents weekend is the best time to show your parents what’s going on in T-Town!

where to eat in Tuscaloosa

Places To Eat In Tuscaloosa

It can be tough moving to a new place and not knowing where the best restaurants are. Take a look at this guide that removes the guesswork so you can have a great meal in Tuscaloosa!

Roll Tide Resources

Enrolling at Bama means having countless resources at your fingertips. Freshman programs, tutoring, and discounts are all things you have access to while you’re rolling with the Tide!

UA mental health resources

University of Alabama Well-Being Resources

Balancing academics on top of everything else you have going on can be tough. Need some help? Take advantage of The University of Alabama’s mental health and well-being resources.

discounts at UGA

Best Bama Student Discounts

College life can get expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of discounts for Bama students, whether around Tuscaloosa or online.

How to get Alabama student football tickets

How to Get Alabama Student Football Tickets

Saturday just isn’t the same if you can’t spend it in Bryant-Denny. Here’s a guide to make sure you’re getting rowdy with the Tide come game day.

UA Sports News

Crimson Tide Sports News

Love to keep up with everything athletic? Stay up to date on your favorite Crimson Tide sports teams all in one place.

Upcoming Bama events

Upcoming UA Events

UA always has something exciting going on or coming up. Make sure to stay up to date on what's to come and get involved.