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Destiny Self

Meet Destiny Self, a 2024 graduate from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and minor in Criminal Justice. While the realm of law always interested her growing up, she shifted into the business world after a vice president position within her sorority, Delta Gamma. This position as vp: Communications encouraged her to expand into the marketing world and discover what truly catches the attention of consumers. Throughout this journey she was able to curate content, connect with a wide variety of people, develop deeper interpersonal skills, and truly learn about the algorithms behind social media. Social media has been an interest of Destiny's since she was a little girl. From creating tutorials on crafts/food to producing and joining trends on various platforms, being behind (and in front of) the camera is a considerable passion of hers.

Originally from Huntsville Alabama, Destiny planned to go to an out-of-state school, but after touring the campus and seeing the stadium lights for the first time, she knew this would be her home. Along with this, she was already acclimated to the weather in Alabama and loves it, so why leave? Some of her favorite outdoor activities in this warm weather include swimming, pickleball, hiking, and exploring new cities. Growing up playing competitive volleyball, basketball, and dance, meant that being active was always in her nature. Upon coming to college she continued these sports through intramurals and dance competitions at UA, but truly replenished this side with the gym. To accompany working out, she loves finding new high protein recipes to make, some of which include using her favorite, the Ninja Cream!

As a student she transitioned from sorority house living, to apartment style and loved it. While living on campus one of her favorite things to do was sit on her balcony with friends at night and watch movies. Being able to have a huge kitchen, her own study area, and friends all in one location was the ideal college experience, on top of being only a 10 minute walk from Bryant Denny stadium. UA is her home away from home, but she can't wait to travel and create even more spaces that embody the same feeling this apartment did. If you ever see her out and about be sure to say hi, she loves meeting new people!