Where can I get a delicious dessert near my Tuscaloosa apartment?

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Enjoy a late night dessert near Midtown or back in your Brookstone kitchen

What did I hear? It's SWEET TREAT O'CLOCK and you're looking for a dessert to hit the perfect spot? Well good thing I've got the perfect solution for you! These delicious desserts can be found right around the corner from your off-campus Tuscaloosa apartment and solve that sweet tooth craving you're having right now. While there are so so many dessert places in town, these few are our top picks and soon you'll know why. 

Peach Cobbler Galore 

Wait a second… Peach cobbler can come in multiple flavors? You've got that right. Located right off of the Strip in Tuscaloosa is the Peach Cobbler Factory. This dessert spot, introduced to Ttown in March of 2023, features 12 different flavors of cobbler filled with ice cream and their special cobbler toppings. Don't think you just have to get cobbler here either, this spot has everything from regular cookies to cobbler cookies, banana pudding, cobbler shakes, pudd-n shakes (we love this name), brownies, gourmet cinnamon rolls, churro stix, and even belgian waffles. Of course the fun can't stop there, this location even features a photo wall to take pictures with friends or even just of your picture perfect dessert to post - because trust me when you see these you will want to take a picture. Not only is this place delicious, it can also be perfect for a late night snack because it stays open until 12am EVERY single night of the week!! I don't know about you, but I don't know many places that stay open that late every night.Not to mention if you don't feel like driving they offer delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Don't miss out on this special spot while in town and go get your cobbler on!

Homemade Snacks near my Tuscaloosa Apartment

While peach cobbler is delicious, sometimes you want a snack that can fill that sweet and spicy craving simultaneously. While this homemade ice cream and snack shop is loved by many, you can live here for years before knowing it exists due to its somewhat hidden location. This little shop called Las Piñas sits right behind Bowlero on McFarland Boulevard and you may like it even more than the cobbler factory. They offer a wide variety of Mexican style snacks and the best ice cream around. 

Some of their featured items are their mangonadas (mango ice cream with mangos, chamoy, and a spicy candy stick on top), street corn, crepes, ceviche (essentially shrimp tacos), popsicles, fruit infused drinks, and so much more. They also have over 15 flavors of ice cream which can make trying all of them a fun surprise. After you order, hop outside to sit at the colorful picnic tables on a warm night and even eat dinner and dessert all in one! While we could go on and on about this place, we will simply let it speak for itself when you go and try it. 

Sandwich Shop but for Ice Cream

Last up we jump right across the street to Midtown Village, where you can eat a treat you probably haven't had since you were a kid. This shop is called Baked Bear, and they make custom ice cream sandwiches. Their menu consists of 12 cookie flavors, with 2 of them rotating each month for new seasonal options, and 13 ice cream flavors. When making your ice cream sandwich you can mix and match any of these and even use 2 different cookies for the top and bottom. Once you've chosen these bases you can then add any of their 12 toppings to have it rolled in and even heat the sandwich up if you prefer a warm cookie. Now we know that you may not always be in the mood for cookies, in which case you can opt for brownies or a hot fudge sundae instead that are both just as good! Overall, this is a fun experience for kids and adults alike and may turn into your go to spot for dessert during the week. 

Where to Now?

Wellll I may have lied, because there's one last place we want to throw in for our summer residents. On those hot summer days, sometimes the only thing you want is a snow cone, and in that case Summer Snow is the place for you. They only open during the warmer months, but when they do they offer a wide variety of flavors (over 40 of them) and are worth the stop. When you get the chance, swing by on University Boulevard and thank us later ;)

Tuscaloosa has dozens of options for desserts, but these are just a few of our favorites. Each one offers its own unique twist and experience that is worth tasting. So, before you leave town, or graduate, grab a sweet treat and enjoy Tuscaloosa! 

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