What are the best spots for a unique cocktail near my Tuscaloosa apartment?

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Hub Tuscaloosa
Enjoy a cocktail in Downtown Tuscaloosa or on the Hub Tuscaloosa rooftop.
Whether you're looking for a new hangout scene to get you out of your UA off-campus apartment or just interesting drinks that you've never tried, finding unique cocktail spots near you has never been easier! Now you must be thinking, what are these places and why have I never heard of them? While we can't answer that question for you, we can tell you exactly where to go and why. After that it's up to you to explore, try new things, and make getting off of your couch and out to these trendy new places the answer for tonight!

Vending machine cocktails

While there is an abundant amount of restaurants and bars throughout the city of Tuscaloosa that offer cocktails, these few stand out the most to us. Starting off strong, we chose the only location with a secret entrance! As a casual passerby you may not even pay a second thought to this bar (or know it is one), but that's why we are here to tell you about it. Tucked above a restaurant named SoCal, sits Cocktail Collections. To enter this speakeasy inspired bar you must enter a secret passcode on a Pepsi vending machine built intoCocktail at Tuscaloosa barthe brick wall. Oh no, a passcode! No worries, to see the code for the day just be sure to check their Instagram @cocktail_collection_tcl and check out the new deals they have too while you're at it. Although the entrance is pretty cool, the drinks might be even better. This bar often has new drinks inspired by the local artists/bands playing there and a constant menu of over 15+ fun cocktails and garnishes. Not a cocktail person? No worries, they also make all of their cocktails in a mocktail version (quite yummy if I do say so myself) and a variety of beers to enjoy while listening to music on their beautiful balcony.

Southern style speakeasy

Well we obviously can't stop there. Only a 2 minute walk from Cocktail Collections, and still on University Boulevard, is a place called Brown's Corner. Don't worry if you can't find it at first, we couldn't either. Located on the third floor of Half Shell Oyster House is a perfect hideaway for this southern speakeasy. Not only do they have a variety of drinks, they also offer a dinner menu made from scratch, comedy on some nights, and a lounge space for all your friends or colleagues. Our favorite part about their menu is the cocktail inspired by the iconic Yellow Hammer featured at Gallettes. While it may sound interesting at first, this cocktail actually contains egg whites, but don't let that sway you from trying it! They also offer varieties from martinis to build your own old fashioned's and everything in between. While it is a hidden gem, the charm and atmosphere in the room is like no other.

Cocktails near my Tuscaloosa apartment

Lastly, be prepared for a strong drink because this bar is not for the weak. Catch 22 is a cocktail inspired bar with over a dozen gallon apothecary jars filled each with pure vodka and different fruits and vegetables. This infusion bar in downtown Tuscaloosa offers infusions such as Bloody Mary's, pineapple, coffee bean and chocolate, specialties for occasions like holidays, and more. Not only do they have a wide variety of drinks, they also offer deals such as "martini Monday" where all martinis are $2 off. This bar provides a small, cozy feel and even features eye catching decor, such as a leg lamp, to go along with these unique drinks.

While Tuscaloosa isn't always about drinks, these choices can make a typical night out on the Strip turn into a night downtown full of fun food and drinks alike. Each choice makes for a special experience so be ready to come back, because when you go once you'll want to try all there is to offer. Can I get a roll tide to that!
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